Her First Day of School

by Allergy Free Kitchens on August 29, 2013

I remember the day vividly.  As my husband quietly made his way down the hall to our little’s room, I heard him softly singing, “It’s schooly pookers time.  It’s time to give a cheer, ‘cuz schooly pookers here,” and I smiled.  That sweet little diddy is a song from his childhood, a song his dad sang to him every morning before school.  And that day he was singing it for the first time to our little girl.   The day was finally here.  Our lovey bun’s adventure at school was set to begin.

We had prayed.  We had met with the doctor.  We had met with the school nurse (whose office was directly across the hall from the classroom – comforting).  We had met with the teacher.  We had prayed.  A stash of allergen-free lollipops had been delivered to the teacher for the times I might have missed a note on the calendar that someone was bringing a birthday treat to class.  I had packed up vegan and gluten-free pasta in varying shapes for craft projects.  I had prayed.  Notice a pattern?

Leaving your child in the care of another for the first time can be worrisome enough, but when it comes to leaving your child with multiple food allergies and allergic asthma in an environment YOU can’t control, you have the perfect opportunity to be a ball of nerves.  In fact, something inside you seems to say you’d be an uncaring, unloving, brainless parent to be anything but a wreck.

But I’ve discovered something.  I’ve learned when I put my trust in God and not in me, myself, and I (or someone else), I can rest.  Have I always done that?  I’m sorry to say I haven’t, but I’m getting better at it.

I love the scripture that tells us God is faithful and utterly trustworthy – He will keep us, He will do it (1 Thessalonians 5:24).  And that day, amidst my anxious thoughts, I was able to grab hold of that wonderful truth and breathe.  Now, as we begin yet another school year, I’m reminded of His faithfulness all through last year.  He kept our lovey bun.  He did it.  And He’ll do it again.

If you are thinking about sending your child off to school, daycare, or preschool in the next year or two, I encourage you to begin your preparations with prayer.  The Bible tells us in all our ways to acknowledge God and He will direct our paths (Proverbs 3:6).  He will help you make the right decisions regarding where and when to send your child to school.

I would also encourage you to check out Stacey Stratton’s book Allergies at School, available on her website and through Amazon.com.  As a former educator, parent, and co-creator of www.PeanutFreeZone.com, Stacey’s perspective is expansive and helpful.

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