FABlogCon 2013 – From a Newbie Blogger’s Perspective

by Allergy Free Kitchens on November 7, 2013

In 2010, I felt led in my heart to be a voice in the food allergy community. After a few years of heart-searching and planning, allergyfreekitchens.com was launched – just in time for FABlogCon 2013.

With my friend and local food allergy advocate (Stacey Stratton of  Peanut Free Zone) by my side, I boarded a plane and headed west to Las Vegas for what would turn out to be a weekend of insight, education, and fun.

Throughout the weekend of sessions and meet and greets, I encountered the smiling faces of those who have made me laugh, taught me how to cook, and inspired me to take the leap of faith in starting my own food-allergy blog.

Following a statement by Enjoy Life Foods’ CMO, Joel Warady, my eyes were opened to see the power inherent in that gathering.  Individually, we are a story.  Collectively, we can move mountains.

Thank you to Jenny SpragueHoma Woodrum and the entire FABlogCon advisory board for putting the event together.  I believe it was the beginning of something very special for the food allergy community and it is exciting to be a part.

If you’d like to know more about the bloggers and speakers who were part of FABlogCon, click here for a list of the attendees and links to their sites.  In the weeks and months to come, I hope to introduce you to many of the FABulous bloggers and vendors I had the chance to meet.



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