How to Save on Groceries – Shop Aldi Stores

by Allergy Free Kitchens on February 26, 2014

Shop-Aldi-Organic-Allergy-Free-KitchensI saw a study on the JAMA Network  that revealed the additional cost incurred by a family raising a food allergic child averages $4184.00 a year. This includes factors such as medical, out-of-pocket, lost labor productivity, and related opportunity costs.  In recent years, we’ve felt it. Time to reassess our budget.

To start the year off, my husband and I assigned a place for every dollar we have of income (Thank you, Dave Ramsey and the Total Money Makeover).  We were shocked to find we had been living in a dream world when it came to our grocery expenses.  To our dismay, we found we spent double what we had predicted.  To be honest, I was a bit frustrated.  Our weekly menus are nothing extravagant.  There wasn’t anywhere to cut if we wanted to maintain a balanced diet.  What we spent was legit. Ugh.

Then I discovered how to save on groceries – shop Aldi stores!  They recently opened one less than two miles from our home.  Following our grocery budget fiasco, I decided to take a stroll through their aisles.  I’m very happy I did.  In taking the time to do some comparison shopping, I discovered I’d enjoy a savings of 44.7% by shopping Aldi for a number of natural, fresh, and organic food items.

Here is a list of my regulars and the price comparison with the other local grocery store (part of a large grocery store chain that’s popular in this area).  Many of these comparisons are store brand to store brand.  Sizes and quantities are equivalent or very close.

Organic Free Range Chicken Broth    Aldi: $1.79     Other: $3.69

Organic Agave Nectar 11.75 oz     Aldi:  $2.99     Other: $4.49 (Aldi vs. Domino)

Organic Baby Spinach    Aldi:  $2.49     Other:  $3.99

Organic Mixed Greens    Aldi:  $2.49     Other:  $3.99

Organic Soy Milk    Aldi:  $2.29     Other:  $2.99

Organic Salsa    Aldi:  $1.99     Other:  $2.99

Organic Tomato Basil Sauce    Aldi:  $1.99     Other:  $2.99

Nitrate Free Ham Slices    Aldi:  $2.99     Other: $3.59 (Aldi vs. Hormel Natural Choice)

Nitrate Free Bacon    Aldi:  $3.89     Other:  $6.99 (Aldi vs. Coleman)

Organic Apples 3 lb bag    Aldi:  $3.99     Other:  $5.99

2 Green Bell Peppers    Aldi:  $.89     Other: $2.42

Mixed Pepper Pack – 1 Red & 1 Yellow Bell Pepper    Aldi:  $1.99      Other:  $5.98

Fresh Green Beans    Aldi:  $1.49      Other:  $7.99  (Crazy, right?)

Eggplant    Aldi:   $1.49      Other:  $2.48

Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola Cereal (for the hubs)    Aldi:  $2.99     Other:  $4.19 (same brand name comparison)

Comparison Totals    Aldi:  $35.75     Other:  $64.76    Difference:  $29.01  (44.7%)

I will gladly bag my own groceries for a savings like that!

For those wondering if we’re sacrificing quality, we’re not.  So far, the only thing I’ve purchased at Aldi that I was disappointed in was their Greek yogurt (kid-free shopping day splurge).  I also tried their canned diced tomatoes and they just didn’t have the flavor I was accustomed to.  I may try them again on the chance I goofed the recipe I used them in.  Everything else has been spot on or better.

Now if only the folks at Whole Foods and Trader Joes would bring stores this way, my allergy-friendly shopping utopia would be complete!

Do you shop Aldi?  What are your natural, organic, and fresh food faves?

Next step in overhauling our budget, menu planning.  Wish me luck and send me your tips. 🙂





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