Semi-Homemade Dishes with Allergy-Friendly Products

by Allergy Free Kitchens on June 23, 2014


Summer for us means we have less time to spend in the kitchen making allergy-friendly meals from scratch.  What to do?  We’re embracing the idea of semi-homemade.  Thanks to a number of conscientious companies, I’ve found myself going a bit Sandra Lee (and I like it)!  The options of semi-prepared allergy-friendly foods are growing. I, for one, am thankful.  When I’m short on time or we’re traveling, it is nice to have a number of go-to products to help put meals together in a snap.

Starting with this post and continuing in the weeks to come, I will share with you some of the allergy-friendly products that are making delicious semi-homemade dishes possible in our home.

First up, Ian’s Natural Foods.

I had the pleasure of trying Ian’s Southwest Chicken Tenders while attending the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas last fall.  It was yum at first bite.  You can imagine my happiness when they later asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their products and sharing my thoughts with all of you.  I was given the opportunity to choose three of their products to sample.  Of course, I requested the southwest chicken tenders.  I just had to see if they were as tasty as I had remembered.  I also requested their fish sticks and onion rings.  I’m pleased to say all three products were a hit in our home.  Here’s why:

Ian’s Southwest Chicken Tenders – The tenders were crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and had just the right amount of spice and kick.  We enjoyed them in a wrap and atop a salad of mixed greens (pictured above).

Ian’s Fish Sticks – These were delightful and the perfect fun size for our little’s lunch.  She enjoyed them with a side of raw veggies and fresh fruit.  They’re the only product I didn’t get a photo of because they went so quick.  My husband, who normally doesn’t like “fish from a box” ate more than his share.

Ian’s Onion Rings – I love onion rings and thought it would be fun to give these a try in hopes they would make a nice side for a summer party.  The onions were tender and sweet.  The coating was nice and crisp.  And our daughter asked for seconds.  I jazzed my serving (pictured above) up with a sprinkle of salt and a side of vegan bloomin’ onion dipping sauce.  Yum!  The onion rings were so easy to prepare.  No dipping, dredging, frying – just take them out of the box and bake.

If you’ve never tried Ian’s products before, I encourage you to visit their website and give this helpful tool a try.   It allows you to enter the allergy-friendly criteria you’re looking for to help match your needs with products they offer.  You can also find Ian’s products near you.

As I perused the list of products that meet our needs, I spotted sweet potato fries…I may need to try those next.  🙂

Have you tried Ian’s?  What semi-homemade dishes have you created with their allergy-friendly products?  Do tell.

Disclosure:  As stated in this post, I was provided with one box of each product to review.  The views shared are my honest opinions.  

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